Leak reveals the ‘brain’ that will power the iPhone 7

With Apple expected to announce the iPhone 7 during the second week of September (all signs point to Sept. 7), the leaks are coming more frequently than before.

This time, a part for the iPhone 7’s processor (expected to be called the A10 chip) has been posted to Weibo by GeekBar (via MacRumors).

The part leak doesn’t tell us much in terms of performance gains the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (or “Pro”) will have over the current iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Leaked image of what is believed to be the iPhone 7's A10 processor.

Leaked image of what is believed to be the iPhone 7’s A10 processor.

But if the 70 percent performance boost from the A8 processor (iPhone 6) to the A9 processor (iPhone 6S) is any indication, Apple may have a similar leap up its sleeve for the A10.

Since Apple started designing its own processors, starting with the A4 in the original iPad, we’ve seen a processor and graphics performance increase with each new version, outpacing even Qualcomm’s best Snapdragon chips, which have more more cores and higher clock speeds.

The A-mobile processors, which do more with less, are real testaments to Apple’s engineering chops. iOS is also one reason why the iPhone remains competitive, since it’s optimized to perform with less.

What other upgrades will the new iPhone feature? Only a few more weeks until we find out