Funny Face Introduces “New Incoming Twin Boys Mother” As He Finds Love Again

FunnyFace is a man who has not been lucky when it comes to love and women but it seems he has not given up on having a woman he can confidently call his own

One would have thought after all the heartbreak who went through in his previous relationship he would have said enough is enough and rather concentrated on his personal development but he is back again supposedly in love and can not keep calm about it

The self acclaimed ‘children president’ took to his instagram handle to introduce to Ghanaians his new found love, Obaa Kukua and professed his undying love to the lady

He posted a picture of the beautiful ‘Obaa Kukua’ and wrote what can be said to be a love letter swearing on all that he holds sacred to be there for her now and forever

He wrote, “”GYE NYAME “ ??? .. @brianamoateng .. PAPA , do you remember” prophecy “ .. JEHOVAH is gonna make me like “ ABRAHAM … well Da prophecy …. Has started working … ???? .. GOD bless you for being der for me When da world Rejected me ????? #FUNNYFANS .. I promise not hide anything from you all again .. I was quite when a woman gave my child to another man because I was broke !!! ??? so from today I won’t hide anything from you guys again .. your new incoming Twin boys MOTHER .. obaaa KUKUA .. love you baby ❤️????? No MOrE secrets !! #FUNNYFANS ur incoming queen ? ❤️✈️ and @e_adebayor .. if we sign da contract .. I will use some of the “ ur money “ to sponsor her trip ?✈️????????? I have forgotten to take my 7:30 medicine ? Asem aba .. secrets upon secrets to be revealed”

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