Ghana Police Introduce Shuttle Service For Its Officers

The Ghana Police Service has made available free transport for its officers to and back from duty.

The shuttle services, which has already been implemented in 15 out of the 18 regions, is meant to facilitate the movement of personnel to and from their places of residence to various duty points.

The Police Administration has, therefore, deployed buses on designated routes with pick-up and drop off points to ensure the safe and easy transportation of personnel, especially during rush hour when movement along the roads is usually a struggle.

In a statement released on their Facebook page, the Ghana Police Service added that intervention was necessary because a section of the public were not comfortable with police officers carrying guns and other weapons in public transports.

“The Administration acknowledges that some members of the general public had expressed concern about the practice of police personnel boarding commercial vehicles with weapons and the possible danger posed to other occupants of these vehicles.

“The spectacle of uniformed officers struggling to get on board vehicles during the rush hour is not good for morale in the service and does not inspire public confidence in the police,” part of the statement read.

Great works Mr. IGP!

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