Video: Wendy Shay Turns Pragya Driver As Town Make Hot

Who would have thought that even the rich and famous celebrities of the Ghana Music industry would suffer from the economic hardship the country is currently steeped in

Wendy Shay has been battered by the increased prices of goods and services that in a bid to keep body, mind and soul together, she has now resorted to being a commecial driver, driving around customers in her ‘pragya’ for money

In what is clearly a promotional video for her new single, ‘krom ay3 shi’ Wendy is seen driving up in a pragya to pick customers up. Upon picking up the customers, one customer, who happens to be Bullet, who happens to be the CEO of rufftown records, the records label on which Wendy Shay is signed to recognises Wendy Shay and quizzes her as to why she is driving a pragya as according to him her level is beyond it, to which Wendy Shay replies, ‘Krom ay3 shi’

Wendy Shay turns the tables on him and ask if he is not Bullet and what he is also doing chartering a pragya to which he also replies ‘Krom ay3 shi’ and adding that ‘rufftown ay3 rough’ he is even looking for a collaboration to keep his head afloat


The hilarious video has attracted positives response from her fans and it has served it’s purpose of promoting her new song, ‘krom ay3 shi’

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