I Prefer Ghana Jollof To Naija Jollof – Ed Sheeran

British pop superstar Ed Sheeran has broken the hearts of over 200 million Nigerians as he stated his preference for Ghana Jollof over Naija jollof.

Sharing his opinion about the best jollof after being asked by Nigerian musician Yemi Alade, the “Perfect” crooner said he prefers Ghana jollof to Naija’s.

According to him, he had tasted Ghana jollof when he visited the country few years back and he loved it. However he can’t give a judgment on Naija jollof as he hasn’t been there before.

“Let’s not start this argument about the best jollof. I think I prefer Ghana’s jollof. I haven’t been to Nigeria yet, so I can’t say much about their jollof. When I came to Ghana, I lived with a bunch of Ghanaian guys and their jollof was so good,” Ed Sheeran told Yemi.

Ed Sheeran and Alade were attendees of the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony in the United Kingdom.

Many people were expecting Ed Sheeran to be a bit diplomat and not publicly share his favourite jollof but British musician couldn’t hide his love for Ghana jollof.

Watch the video below…

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