Quacks everywhere!!! Quack doctors, quack pastors, quack lawyers, quack teachers,….you can complete the list.

WHO IS A QUACK? A quack is a person who DISHONESTLY claims to have special KNOWLEDGE and SKILL in some field. Note: the emphasis here is on knowledge and skill, and not on CERTIFICATE or LICENCE. One of such quacks is counsellor Lutterodt. It can soundly be argued that this counsellor is the reason why most ladies who listen to him are single, and will ever remain single. The possibility of having your home broken is high if you continue to give him ears. We are not asking counsellor Lutterodt to produce his counselling certificate. We are only questioning his insight with respect to marital issues. Until we have seen a change in how the counsellor approaches such issues, what he does now will best be described as MEANINGLESS TALKS. It certainly has no bearing with COUNSELLING.

In the first place, a counsellor does not shout at the top of his voice as if he’s on the battlefield commanding nasute soldiers.

Again, a counsellor does not command like the self-acclaimed counsellor Lutterodt does. Counselling is a friendly interaction between the counsellor and the counselee, where the counselee talks about a problem, and the counsellor proffers a humble suggestion.

Below are some of counsellor Lutterodts comments.

1. A man who uses your picture as his DP should be reported to the police.

2. A national service person who proposes marriage to you should be arrested.

3. A lady shouldn’t contribute to the upkeep of the home because marriage is not a partnership.

4. A lady abused by her husband shouldn’t behave like a child because it’s only children who don’t have rights.

Obviously, this counsellor does not deserve your audience. Beware of quacks!!Popular radio and television relationship counsellor, Reverend George ___

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