Agya Koo Marries – Photos

After the chaotic marriage breakdown of Ghanaian actor/comedian-Agya Koo and his then wife-Victoria Darko (aka Akua Vic), the movie star has taken the challenge to re-marry another woman, based in London.

Agya Koo and Rita tied the knot in London, at a grand ceremony which was attended by various Ghanaian movie stars including Gloria Agyemang—and musician Amakye Dede.

It was a beautiful ceremony—and now that Agya Koo has found himself a new beautiful wife, we wish him the best!


Below are some photos from the ceremony




Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-20-1Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-19-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-18-1Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-16-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-15-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-11-1Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-10-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-9-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-8-1Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-7-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-6-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-5-1Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-4-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-3-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-2-1 Agya-Koos-Wedding-in-London-1





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