Meet 19-Year-Old Alexandra Andresen… The Youngest Billionaire In The World!

Alexandra Andresen is only 19 years old, but instead of dealing with the Freshman 15 or figuring out how to move out of her parents’ house, she’s living the life of the world’s youngest billionaire. This year, she’s achieved the distinction with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion, having had 42% of the family business transferred over to her by her father, the famous Norwegian businessman, Johan Andresen. In case you’re not up on the Norwegian business landscape, the Andresen family business is Ferd, which was famous throughout the country for its tobacco brand holding Tiedemanns, until 2005, when it was sold off due to ethical considerations about tobacco.

Alexandra and her older sister Katharina each got a 42% slice of the company, making them both billionaires, even though Johan still controls the company. Since she’s not busy running a massive Norwegian investment firm, Alexandra has had time to graduate from high school and become one of the top horseback riders in Norway. The transfer of company stock reportedly happened back in 2007, but only became public knowledge this year, although given the immense wealth her family has amassed over several generations, it’s unlikely anyone was under the impression she was destitute.

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Here’s a quick list of other extremely young billionaires and multi-billionaires:

Katharina Andresen – 20 years old: $1.2 billion (Source: Same as her sister above)

Gustav Magnar Witzoe – 22 years old: $1.1 billion (Inherited 47% of SalMar, one of the largest producers of farm-raised salmon in the world)

Evan Spiegel – 25 years old: $2.1 billion (Snapchat)

Ludwig Theodor Braun – 26 years old: $1.2 billion (Inherited  9.69% of a major medical products company started by his family in 1839)








Photo credits : instagram/alexandraandresen

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