No one has escaped this sweet evil that can turn bitter in no time. As a prime victim of jealousy myself, this is one honest effort to unravel the mystery of how to stop being jealous.

William Shakespeare once said that jealousy is a green-eyed monster that troubles most of people; and especially those who are in a relationship. We all have experienced this emotion from both sides of the fence. Both men and women equally deal with it. The initial development of jealousy can be produced from a variety of rational emotions. Many psychologists refer it directly to the lack of self-esteem in a relationship.

Well, I am not trying to underestimate anyone, but it is often observed that jealousy can lower anybody’s self-esteem. It is also important to find out the reason behind it as an abusive relationship can also lead to low self-esteem. Finding the source is key to overcoming it.

Be Positive
This can come in the way of trusting anyone in your life. If you have gone through a tough experience in the past, then jealousy is very obvious for you. A little bit of fear-oriented jealousy can be justified. However, too much of it is always harmful. Trust the other person as not all the fingers appear the same. Fear of losing what you have can stop you from having it in the first place.

Trust and Honesty
Trust and honesty are the two cornerstones of a healthy relationship. Lack of trust can lead to extreme jealousy. Try to figure out the reason behind your emotions and after broaching it out with your partner, trust him or her. Trust over his love and mutual respect is always needed. There is no need to be jealous if he is still in touch with his ex. Concentrate on the fact that she is the past and that is why he is with you.

Along with trust, honesty is also a very important virtue. Good or bad, your feelings must be honest and true to your partner. Honesty is really important to avoid needless relationship breakups.
Those who are making an effort to overcome their emotions actually know all the solutions to this issue; it’s just that they do not trust their execution power. The best possible answer or solution is hidden in self-resolve! A sincere effort to evade the green-eyed demon is the only thing that is expected from you.

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