Someone Just Paid $3.46 Million To Eat Lunch With Warren Buffett

Every year going back to 2000, Warren Buffett has participated in a charity auction with proceeds going to Glide, a charitable organization in San Francisco. His participation entails one of the most valuable commodities there is in the business world: lunch. And on Friday night, an anonymous individual placed the winning bid on a lunch with Warren Buffett – for a numerically pleasing $3,456,789.

Whomever this anonymous bidder is, you know he or she isn’t too concerned about breaking records, since, if just one more dollar had been added to that figure, it would have become the highest figure ever paid for a single charity item on eBay. The other item to hold that distinction? That would be… lunch with Warren Buffett, which also went to an anonymous bidder for $3,456,789 in 2012. In case you’re interested, here’s how all the lunch-with-Warren auctions have gone since the tradition was started in 2000 by Buffett’s now-late wife, courtesy of Glide:

2000: Pete Budlong, $25,000

2001: Jim Halperin and Scott Tilson, $20,000

2002: Jim Halperin and Scott Tilson, $25,000

2003: David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital, $250,100

2004: Jason Choo, Singapore, $202,100

2005: Anonymous, $351,100

2006: Yongping Duan, California, $620,100

2007: Mohnish Pabrai, Guy Spier, Harina Kapoor, $650,100

2008: Zhao Danyang, Pure Heart Asset Management, China, $2,110,100

2009: Courtenay Wolfe, Salida Capital, Canada, $1,680,300

2010: Ted Weschler, $2,626,311

2011: Ted Weschler, $2,626,411

2012: Anonymous, $3,456,789

2013: Anonymous, $1,000,100

2014: Andy Chua, Singapore, $2,166,766

2015: Zhu Ye, Dalian Zeus Entertainment Co, China, $2,345,678

2016: Anonymous, $3,456,789

Just imagine that 16 years ago, you could get lunch with Warren Buffett for just twenty grand – talk about inflation. As for what the lunch actually consists of, the anonymous winner and as many as seven friends will enjoy a meal at Manhattan’s Smith & Wollensky steakhouse with Buffett, and the only conversational taboo is future investments planned by Buffett (whether or not the lunch may prove ultimately profitable in some other way is probably a matter of luck).

In case you want to know the worth of Warren Buffet,The oracle founder is worth a cool $60 billion !


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