Things You Do But Will Never Admit That You Do It !

There are a whole lot of things we do but sometimes will never admit.We all think we’re unique, but let’s be honest: we’re a lot more similar than we’d care to admit. Even the notion of thinking you’re unique is inherently not unique.

No matter how cool we pretend to be, inside we all are awkward human beings.So let me list down awkward things we all do but don’t admit.


1. Sneak a “sniff” test.
We’ve all been there: You smell something funky and worry it’s you, so you casually lift your arm and slightly tilt your head to give your pits a whiff. This move works when you can’t remember if you put on deodorant, too.


2. Fake a yawn to smell your breath.
Same tactics as above, different stink source. The breath test is legendary, so don’t even try to say you don’t do it. Too bad you might be nose blind to your own bodily smells.


4. Wear the same clothes two days in a row.
Repeating, maybe not the same outfit, but at least the same pair of socks or the same bra you wore yesterday.


5. Picking your nose.

What’s worse: Having something stuck up your nostril or getting caught with a finger up there? We all have to do some maintenance, it’s totally cool.


6. Spy on your ex (or ex-friend) on social media.
Maybe not to stalker level, but admit it, you do a search every so often. That’s what Facebook exists for, right? Everyone wants to know what their old flames are up to, even if they’ve been happily married for years.


7. Pretend to not see someone you know.
Sound familiar? You spot them coming towards you, hope they don’t notice you, quickly look down at your cell phone or pretend to rifle through your purse, and mindlessly breeze by. If there’s no eye contact, you’re golden, right? Sometimes you just don’t want to talk.

8.Rarely Washing Your Bed Sheets


9. Look in the toilet after you go to the bathroom.

Yes, we would not like to leave anything behind,especially when you are at a friends house.


10.Urinating In the Pool while swimming.



It’s ok nobody has to know ?






If u think we left something out,please leave it in the comments box.

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