Did Bisa Kdei LIE ? Kwabena Kwabena Vindicated!

Sound engineer, David Kyei, popularly known as Kaywa, has put what could be described as an end to the ongoing controversy between highlife musicians Bisa Kdei and Kwabena Kwabena regarding whether or not Kwabena advised Bisa to send ‘Mansa’ to him.

Kwabena Kwabena some time ago stated that though he was unable to collaborate with Bisa as the latter requested, he was happy and felt responsible because he advised Bisa to take the song to Kaywa so he could work the production.

“When I heard the song, I told him to go to Kaywa because Kaywa will do a great job on this for him and I thank God he listened and he rubbished the first one… Today it’s a hit”

But Bisa in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM expressed disappointment in Kwabena Kwabena for the comment. Clearly, his response suggested that Kwabena Kwabena lied because the decision to go to Kaywa was taken by his team; not Kwabena Kwabena.

“I watched the video myself and I felt so disappointed for someone like Kwabena Kwabena to say this about me and my song. To correct this, I played the strings in Mansa myself and together with my management, we took the step of giving it to Kaywa to work on it. I had earlier sent the song to Kwabena Kwabena to feature but he refused and in all, I didn’t come out publicly to disclose what happened behind the scenes of Mansa production because I don’t do stuffs like that, but watching him say all these false allegations on air made me disappointed in him,” he said.

As KMJ and his panellists discussed the issue on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Friday, clarification was sought from Kaywa.

“After receiving the files from Bisa, I was in church when Kwabena Kwabena called me and was like, ‘Bisa brought a song to me and I hope you have received it because I asked him to bring it to you to make it better because when he brought the song to me, it didn’t sound good to me and for me to feature on it, it has to be good. That’s why I asked him to bring it to you so you produce it.’ And I said, ‘why not’” Kaywa narrated.












source: Abrantepa

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