Photos: Yvonne Nelson Kisses Radio Presenter At Heels And Sneakers Premiere

This is not the First time Yvonne Nelson’s name have appeared in the news this week.First, it was her shocking claim that she didn’t know Actress and Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger.She is in the news again for publicly kissing a Tv presenter. It all happened at the premiere of “Heels and Sneakers” at the silverbirds cinema.

Zion felix reports that :

After the movie had ended, Yvonne and her casts walked out of the auditorium to have some interaction with the crowd and also take photos. During that moment, Yvonne and radio/TV presenter Jason El-Agha in an interview for one of the TV stations kissed for the camera to be show on TV. Zionfelix captured that because we didn’t want you to miss anything on the night.

Well, that did not end there. They also had the second and a third kiss after all the casts had taken a group picture. And again, Zionfelix had those moments on our cameras. The kiss from the two on the night of the premiere had applause from the fans who trooped to the Silverbird Cinema to watch the series. Clearly, the cheers from the fans showed that they loved what the two did.

In the series Heels and Sneakers, Yvonne Nelson who played the role of a lecturer was wooed by Jason who was her student. They kissed several times and went to bed as well after she fell in love for the young looking handsome guy, Jason.

So now I guess you know where the kissing started and why it was very easy for Yvonne and Jason to give three shots of kiss on the night.

Enjoy their kissing moments.

Yvonne nelson heels and sneakersIMG_5921

Yvonne nelson heels and sneakersIMG_5923


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