Young Ladies should Own Their Vag*na—Says Gifty Anti

Known for her feminism and her indiscriminate display of matrimony ever since she became a member of that club, Oheneyere Gifty Anti on KSM show yesterday said young ladies should claim ownership of their vag*na.

She said young ladies should be insistent on whom they give in to with respect to s*x. They should not just have s*x with anyone or anybody because their friends are doing it or the said man wants it in a certain way.

“Your vagina is yours, God gave it to you for a purpose—it gives life and in some cases destroy or ends life. Do with it as you please and do not let anyone dictate or decide for you” she said.

Oheneyere added that being married to a chief has a lot of restrictions. She is supposed to act and behave in a certain way, be prudent with some words. That notwithstanding, she would continue to be her very old self before she got married to the chief.

I believe Nana fell in love with those qualities in the first place she added.
















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