Shatta Wale’s Wife Replies ‘Fallen’ Boobs Critics

Wife of Shatta Wale was blasted by fans over the weekend for wearing a jumpsuit that showed her boobs ‘fallen’.

It became the talk of town as others were of the view that, for a girl her age, having your boobs fallen to that level is nothing to write home about. She wore the jumpsuit braless to the Golden Movie Awards held at Kimpeski.

The new movie entrants today decided to address the issues by casting insinuations and bible quotes on her social media handles.


While several people trolled her for her saggy boobs, some moralists also felt her public display of boobs was quite indecent, especially from a mother-of-one.

But just like her hubby, Michy is a clapback queen. She has taken to her Facebook page to hit back at folks who made fun at her, calling them ignorant and stupid.

“Nothing in the world🌍 is more more dangerous❌ than sincere ignorance & conscientious stupidity👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼,” she said in a new Facebook post.
























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