Criss Waddle Finally Explains “beef” with Shatta Wale – And Its Not What You THink !

CEO of AMG records and member of Afro beats beats group R2bees ,CrissWaddle has solved puzzle that was still not solved about who outsmartedwho with regards to most talked about term “Bie gya” in an exclusive interview with Ike Frimpong on Sky FM sunyani. He laid it all bare the real story behind everything. According to him
it was not a mere coincidence as it seems like,

“Stonebwoy and I talked about recording a song together back in 2011, I never rush to produce a song because I don’t just sell music to the people, I sell music and a lifestyle, So with or without music, I will still be relevant. Stonebwoy came to America and I also happened to be there visiting my daughter and Mugeez came over to my apartment where he received a call from stonebwoy. They both happened to be working on a song together, so stonebwoy came over to my house.”

Criss Waddle’s younger brother who goes by the name “show boy” was also very instrumental in getting stonebwoy to work with him on the song

“Show boy was a fan of stonebwoy, so he was like why not get intothe studio now and record, I didn’t have a beat, it was stonebwoywho had a beat he didn’t really like so he played it and the BIE GYA idea came. So we recorded half of the song that same night and continued later”.

Ike Frimpong sort for further explanation for his idea getting to Shatta wale. He said

“Whiles we were in the studio recording, show boy who was very excited about the collaboration, had gone live on his Facebook page so that people in Ghana and the world at large would be able to see it.So the next day we had over 30,000 views and people talking about the song.

The term, BIE GYA, is a term coined by video blogger, Archipalago and according Criss Waddle he heard the term from popular TV host Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay),

” I heard the term BIE GYA from Delay but stonebwoy drew myattention that it Archipelago’s term, so I went to his Facebook page to look at things he says around the term so I could make a song out it, But I found nothing, which does not mean am disputing the factthat he made the term famous” he said.

The young rapper went on to disclose to Ike Frimpong and his panelists that he reached out to Archipalago before releasing the song officially.

He said

“When I recorded the song u hit him (Archipalago) up and told him I did a wicked song for him who he was excited about and asked that his name be mentioned. The next day, I saw that shatta wale that’s a friend on Facebook, has posted a song with the same title as mine which I was yet to release. Before I recorded bie gya, l made it around some particular topic, and I realised Shatta wale’s was also around the same topic. So I asked myself what was really going on? I later figured that Archipalago passed on the information because maybe he felt shatta wale was his direct man, so if anybody is to doa song about BIEGYA it should be him”.

As to what sparked the “beef” between the two, Criss Waddle revealed Shatta Wale’s boys initiated the whole misunderstanding around everything According to him, their comments were in a way disrespecting him and all indications showed that Shatta Wale approved of it. He still made efforts to put the situation under control and restore some peace.

“I felt wale is my friend so there was nothing wrong, Dancehallartists have rhythms, you can have one song which lots of people can address same as beats so he should have just reached me like bro, I have also have a song like BIE GYA coming up, so you should expect it or promote it so we release and do same to yours, but it came as a surprise, i still never said anything, it was just the fans trying to create tension by comparing the two songs and guys from his camp dropped the video dissing me by saying stuff that wasn’t true. I was like we are all family, if you want to promote your song I understand, but don’t try to paint me black so that your song can be successful because this is something you are planting into the people’s mind, so it wouldn’t be like after six months when the two songs are out you come out to say the whole controversy was just to promote a song. This is something dirty you’re painting on someone
that could last for the rest of their lives.”

The ” Ayi” hit maker again expressed that he tried talking to shatta about taking down his video to allow peace to reign, but the latter never paid heed.

“We are family and I don’t want to act so that takes down the video, I said.I waited for 3 Whole days but the video was still there, and there’s no way in this world that if you’re not a thief and they call you a thief and you keep quiet” he said.

Fans of both artistes aren’t taking it easy on each other as they threaten and direct abusive utterances to the opposite sides. But Criss Waddle disclosed that there could be reunion between the two parties.

“Anything is possible, am not asking for and he’s not asking for it, if eventually it does happen it wouldn’t be a surprise”  he said.

He also talked about “Bank of Ghana” a single which has been withheld  for quiet sometime because of the ongoing ” feud” with the SM president ” Bank of Ghana” was been recorded long time ago, but with everything that’s going on right now,if I release it people will think am dissing Wale, so am just holding on a bit, you see even your producer knows about the song long time ago, but people out there wouldn’t know, theywill think it’s about someone, but it’s something I recorded long time ago”.
























-Kay Official/ Sky FM,Sunyani

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