Actress Gloria Sarfo Insults Fan on Facebook

Kelly posted Gloria’s picture on facebook questioning his friends on the platform what they see wrong with what she was wearing since he has seen many people talk about it. After minutes of asking the question, one Emma Skillo commented on the photo asking “bh wat de f**k is dis gurl wearin?“. Skillo continued to say that she luks lyk a bag stuffed with cloths“.

The picture was about a displaced waist trainer worn by the actress,which you can see even from afar. Not only does the waist trainer clearly shows, it makes her waist looks ridiculously displaced.

Below is the picture in question

Gloria Sarfo

These words from the lady did not go well for Gloria Osei-Sarfo  who also insulted her back. Angry Gloria wrote,You are very very stupid you know that…Am wearing you….bitch“. 

She did not end there but went on to ask the mistake she committed for wearing waist trainer in the said picture. Gloria later asked the lady to “get a better job”.

“Some very silly,,stupid and unnecessary comments on here…what is wrong with wearing a waist trainer anyways?????… Who cares?????….There are certainly some better jobs out there than this rubbish..Get a better job

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.12.17 PM

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