5 Things You’ll Relate To If You Never Had A Boyfriend While Growing Up In GHANA.

Here are 7 things you’ll relate to if you never had a boyfriend during your teenage years.

1.) Your friends would talk about stuff that you never understood.

Your friends would exchange secret terms that never had a meaning in your dictionary. You would never dare ask them because all you would get was a look of pity followed by mischievous giggles. So, which was second base exactly?

2.) You could never understand what all the fuss revolving around romance was about.

You could not understand why people who claimed to be unconditionally in love fight over silly affairs. You’d watch your girls stress over calls that came late, plans that were cancelled and breakups. And, you’d had to reprise your role of a friend providing a comforting shoulder to cry on.

  3.)There were days when you wished you could boast of being in a serious relationship.

You’d created a fantastical story in your head that drew elements from fairytales. You’d imagined the kind of guy you’d date and would search for him in every other guy you met. You had your script ready in your mind describing how you would meet and live happily ever after.

4.) Occasions celebrating the season of love would depress you.

Your friends celebrating Valentine’s Day and anniversaries would kill a part in you. Nothing would irritate you more than your friends getting those lovely presents. You never got one even on your birthday!

5.) You hated it when people questioned your single status.

Every time a person took pity on you, you would run out of explanations. Your friends would try to help by setting you up with their friend but it never went as per plan. You would curse your ‘prince charming’ for losing track and taking so long to discover you.

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