7 Reasons Why You Need To Break UP With HER!

Being in love is an utterly amazing feeling. You meet a certain person and in a while you start liking them more than you like anybody else and things take a toll. Some relationships don’t turn out to be perfect and often come to an end.Does this strike a chord in the back of your mind? Maybe it’s the same with you. Read on to know if your girlfriend is not really the one for you.

1.) You are always wrong. Always!

Fights are inevitable in a relationship. But when each fight backfires on you, it’s time you start giving it a thought.

2.) You always think you can get someone better.

When thoughts like these start crossing your mind, you can be sure you’re not totally in love with the one you are with right now. Why not part ways and try to find someone you deserve.

3.) You don’t like talking to people about her.

Not that you’re embarrassed of her, but you just generally avoid getting on her topic because she doesn’t really baffle you enough. If her thought doesn’t make you happy; nothing about her will!

4.) She hardly appreciates anything you do.

Being truly in love means appreciating every little thing your partner does for you. If she seems to counteract everything you do for her, you know she doesn’t deserve whatever you are putting your efforts in.

5.) Spending time together hardly excites both of you.

You never really feel like spending a lot of time with her nor does she. You rarely take out time for each other and are only connected through texting and calling.

6.) You don’t feel intimate.

You need to have a striking chemistry to be attracted towards each other. If the essence of attraction is dull, the relationship tumbles.

7.) You cannot think of a future together.

You never talk about how your lives together will be in the future. That is only because it doesn’t matter to both of you if you don’t end up together.

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