Cabum Disses Sarkodie And M.anifest – Listen

The Sark-Manifest beef has dragged many Ghanaians including musicians from their hideouts to talk. Nobody knows when the two will swallow their pride and smoke the peace pipe but before then, lets enjoy what is happening now since it is the talk of the town.

Rapper Cabum has added his voice to the many musicians who have given their two cents on this misunderstanding existing between Obidi and M dot. In a latest single Cabum calls “Obidi and Mani”, he hits hard at both rappers for some comments they made in the past but quickly confessed his love and support for both artistes.

Cabum throwing shots at M.anifest said he was wrong to have released “godMc” single because Sarkodie did not attack him. According to the rapper, M.anifest years ago said a lot of things to disgrace the “Adonai” hitmaker in his “Keep Shinning” single but Ghanaians did not pay attention to it. He admitted that Sarkodie has taken the country’s music far so the “Forget Dem” rapper should keep mute if he cannot congratulate him for his good works.

“You wear African clothes but you talk against Azonto, so because of the words you say” Cabum added.

After talking against M.anifest’s conduct, he continued to punch Sarkodie as well. He told the BET award-winner that he brags a lot in his songs.

“You can brag but with only what you have but not what you don’t even have so you have to stop that crap.”

He later drew Sarkodie’s attention to his GTP line in “Kanta” song, which to many looked down on Ghanaian fabrics. He named prominent personalities in the country who wear locally manufactured fabrics and advised him to come public to apologize.

Download Cabum’s “Obidi and Mani” below:











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