VIDEO: Criss Waddle’s Boy Mercilessly Beaten up in USA

Criss Waddle’s boy, Kwabena Sarfo, aka Showboy posted a video earlier this week that he was chilling with his boy from Philly called Junior. Well, things have turned around and Junior has beaten him for duping him. Here is a video of it and interestingly these guys were more worried about deportation than their health.

It is also interesting that although the video showed that Junior was beating up Showboy, Junior ended up in the hospital. According to Showboy, Junior was trying to rob him.

NIGGAS TRIED TO ROB ME ,after I was trying to help them out ..they ended up in the hospital ..u want fame !! U can’t win with my name !! Too dirty and too dangerous !! I am an Animal !! I beg for help and peace because ain’t worth to fight an average individual !












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