Okyeame Kwame Grabs Wife’s Bum In These Promo Photos

Annica, wife and manager of BRA Kwame is always seen with her hubby at most events making sure things go as planned. She executes her job as a manager with joy. Pictures of the two have been seen countless times but the recent one Okyeame posted on his social media page pages on Sunday evening is different.

The musician who recently released his first gospel single, “Hallelujah” which features Abochie is seen in the said photo grabbing his wife’s backside. There is nothing wrong with it because he has the legal and moral right to do that since they are married. This shows how the sweet the marriage is.

standupgh.com gathers that this particular picture was taken at he Holy Trinity SPA & Health farm at Sogakpe where the musician shot the video for the “Hallelujah” song.

Mr. and Mrs Nsia Appau did not travel from Accra to the Volta land to just enjoy themselves alone. They went with their two lovely kids.

Check out their photos below but someone should tell rap dacta that its OK:

okyeame kwame family

okyeame kwame


okyeame kwame














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