Men & Women Who Cheat On Their Partners Are Witches And Wizards – Funny Face

Comedian and actor, Funny Face, says men and women who cheat in relationships are wizards and witches.

He said this on m Metro TV with Gena West in which they were discussing the topic, is cheating the norm — Funny Face responded that in his view, cheating is equal to murder therefore classified people who cheat on their partners as sorcerers.

This comes days after reports indicated that,Funny face has divorced his wife.

Is Funny Face trying to tell us something we don’t Know?

“When someone gives their love, trust, loyalty and you accept to be committed but later throw all their sacrifices to the dogs and cheat on them, you are no different from a witch or a wizard.” “It takes a huge amount of sorcery and witchcraft to cheat, cheating on your partner is equal to murder,” Funny Face added.

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