” We are not taking Sarkodie to court ” – GTP

In case you have forgotten, this is the line in Sark’s ‘Kanta’ track which which got everyone talking; ‘Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba’ which literally means ‘if someone will insult me then definitely not someone who uses GTP to sew Kaba.’ This line got everyone asking why Sarkodie had to take it this far.

‘We are not taking Sarkodie to court. In fact, GTP has not said anywhere that we are taking him to court. I read some headlines online and I was really surprised. Those stories are not true. When the issue occured, I told my assistant that let’s give Sarkodie and his team three days and if after the grace period we don’t hear from them, then we know that he did that deliberately. Infact, I went through all of the ‘Kanta’ lyrics and I listened to the whole track as well and I then realized that he did the song out of anger; in the heat of the moment. I saw it as he wasn’t necessarily dissing GTP as such so we are not taking him to court.’

He further added that in as much as they are not suing Sarkodie, their initial reaction towards that line wasn’t a positive one. In fact, they were not happy with it but the apology from his lawyer settled everything.

‘Honestly, we were not happy when we heard of that but we have accepted the apology from his lawyer so for us, that settles it. I like Sarkodie a lot; I’m his fan so in the beginning when I heard it I was like oh! so is it my favorite person who has done this?’ but the apology from the Lawyer settles it. I heard him apologize on one of the radio stations and that settles it. If the apology from his lawyer is very genuine, I wish one of these days he coems to our office for yards of our cloth but then he shouldn’t use it to sew kaba. He should use it for a shirt,’ he told host Eric Acquah

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