6 Signs That Shows Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to not know when to call it quits. Forcing a failing relationship will always cause more damage than good. You will find yourself resenting your partner, and irrevocable ruining even the friendship. Listed below are a few signs that the end is near:

1.) You begin to avoid each other.

Not only do you stop making an effort to meet each other, extra work goes into preventing any possible meeting. Taking the long way around to avoid seeing him/her, avoiding places you know they will be present and maintaining a distance from all of their friends are some of the most common tactics we use when we’re having a tough time with our partners.

2.) Arguments become increasingly more frequent.

You find yourself picking fights over the silliest of things, and then blowing them out of proportion even more. This is a classic sign of self-destruction; usually adopted during the phase of denial. Your mind’s telling you it’s over, but your heart refuses to accept it.

3.) Hooking up begins to take up more of your time than talking does.

This is one of the most difficult signs to notice. Most couples see the excessive hooking up as a good sign. In reality, this is you avoiding much-required conversation by an easy distraction. Don’t let yourself reach this phase. It may seem satisfying, but will land you in even more trouble later on.

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