My Relationship With Deborah Vanessa started On Twitter – Medikal

It is no more a secret that AMG BUSINESS Act Medikal is the one currently chopping down the younger sister of Wanlov,Deborah Vanessa, After she confirmed it herself.

In a latest interview with 4syte Tv,The ‘Connect’ rapper elaborated on how the two met.He even made it known that the television presenter, model and musician has already met his mom.

“It all started on Twitter and we later met at a show in Swedru and started talking more. She’s a very great person.”

“My in-law, [Wanlov] I know he’s aware of everything by now. They just dropped an album FOKN Ode to Ghana but I’m yet to meet him but I will meet him definitely. But Debby has been to my mom’s house and they spoke.

“The only thing I have chopped now is Wakye but I haven’t chopped the jollof yet. She’s with me right now going through her phone.


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