Montie Trio Sentenced To 4 Months In Prison; Owners To Pay Hefty Fine

The dust has settled and the Supreme Court has finally determined the faith of the trio who passed contemptuous comments about Judges. The trio, which includes a presenter and two other panelists, were today sentenced to four months in prison.

The Court earlier issued a warrant for the owners of the station, host of the station’s ‘Pampaso’ programme, and the panelists, who threatened to kill judges over their handling of a case on the credibility of the voters’ register, to appear before them to answer for contempt charges.

The panelists, Alistair Nelson, Godwin Ako Gunn and a host of the show, Salifu Maase and owners of the radio station were found guilty of contempt charges following threats by the panelists to kill the Judges.

The accused persons were found guilty of contempt charges brought against them by the court during its second hearing of the suit last week.

At that hearing, one of the the accused panelists by name Alistair Nelson, blamed his comments in which he threatened to kill the judges to a disease called “kpokpogbligbli.” The strange disease according to him could takes over a person and control whatever he does and says.

Aside this, the owners of Montie FM, an Accra-based radio station were fined 30,000 each and were ordered to make settlement by close of day tomorrow.





– peacefmonline

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