Patience Nyarko Warns Pastors To Leave Her Alone

Gospel musician Patience Nyarko maintains she has no intention of marrying a pastor and does not mind remaining single for the rest of her life if the men in clerical collar are the only suitors available for her.
And the songstress is resolute in her determination not to be swayed by the sweet words of the men behind the pulpit.

“I just don’t want to marry a pastor. It is unfortunate they are the only ones who come my way and are serious about settling down with me.

“Too bad. But I always have to turn them down because I don’t want to be an ‘Osofo Maame,” she told Showbiz in an interview last week. According to Patience Nyarko, although she is a gospel musician and believes in God, being a pastor’s wife comes with so much pressure and she is not ready for that.

“I don’t think I am ready to be an Osofo maame. It should be a calling and I do not think I can play that role yet. I want to be myself. It is better to stay away from all the ‘wahala’ that come with being the wife of an Osofo if you know you can’t handle it than let yourself into  it and pretend to be something else. I want to stay true to myself and my God” she said.According to her, another reason she does not want to spend the rest of her life with a pastor is that,”I like the way I dress now and I know as a pastor’s wife, I will have to dress in a certain way. In fact, if I examine myself now, I do not think I am ready yet.

She went on to disclose that, if she has to marry a pastor then she will remain single forever. “Marrying a pastor will not work for me. I know myself so I will stay single than deceive myself and society”, she added.

Touching on her music, Patience Nyarko who has just released a peace song Ye Pe Asomdwe is calling on all, especially politicians to make sure there is peace in the country before, during and after this year’s election.

The video of Ye Pe Asomdwe is enjoying airplay on most of the local TV stations and according to Patience Nyarko, she hopes the politicians will take the message in the song serious.Patience known for songs Wodaada and Wofam Kwan, has plans to release her third album by the end of the year.

According to her, “last year was a good year for me and I hope to hit the scene with a powerful song by the end of the year”, she said.

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