Kris Jenner Gets a New Rolls-Royce A Day After Crashing One

Kris Jenner was involved in a serious car accident on Wednesday, and what really matters now is that she and the other driver are OK.The same cannot be said for Jenner’s brand new Rolls-Royce, though. When the other driver’s Prius ran a red light and hit Kris’ vehicle, it was totaled. Kris, understandably, told E! News she was “shook up” by the incident, but it won’t mark the end of her run with Rolls-Royces: It was later confirmed by Enews that a new model of the luxury car was delivered to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s home on Thursday.

Kris’ kids also made a point to make sure she knew how glad they were she was OK after Wednesday’s ordeal. Rob Kardashian sent a “Love You Mom” message in big gold balloons, and Khloe Kardashian sent over several bouquets of stunning white roses.

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