Mzbel Claims Ghanaian Songs Don’t Make Sense Anymore

The 16 years singer in a chat with Hitz FM’s Mzgee said musicians of today do not take time in recording their songs.

She opined that music used to make sense when she started her career but that does not happen again.comparing songs of today to those that were released many years ago, Mzbel said musicians used to spend weeks in the studio recording a single track but that does not happen anymore.

She stated that current musicians use a single day to record a 10-track album, which does not speak well of the music industry. Answering the question if current songs make sense, Mzbel stressed that “no, not at all, not at all”.

“Now people go to the studio and in less than 24 hours thy have an album with 10 songs. Back then you go to the studio and you spend like one week for one song. Even to mix and master takes time.Like I said you have to have a storyline but now people go and all they say is “panpanaa ajei” and that’s all. Some don’t even mix and master their song. No storyline, direction nothing” Mzbel told Mzgee.

“Unfortunately, the generation now is crazy about things like that. They don’t need anyone to advise them so if you want to do that, they you have to take your music.Now all the upcoming artistes are following the trend. To me, music doesn’t make sense anymore. Only a few ones will take time to tell a story and throw in some advise along the line but 90% is just making noise”

Mzbel admitted that this act has negatively affected the marketing aspect of her career. According to her, it is difficult in promoting songs with good content because the youth do not want such songs.


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