After one fan said they thought he retired in 2007, Bow Wow tweeted, “Just decided to get movie and tv money. Crazy how when JT did what i did NO ONE hated. I do it, its he fell off etc.” He referenced Justin Timberlake in yet another tweet Monday, writing, “When i decided to take years off to do tv and film, they said i fell off. When JT did it, nobody questioned that.”

Bow Wow plans to focus “on acting and hosting,” in addition to producing two TV shows. “Its a blessing to have made millions and can retire before 30,” he tweeted. “I mean im extremely happy.”

And if anyone doubts his retirement will last, Bow Wow took to Instagram to reiterate that he will be focused on new endeavors. “Im NOT coming back wearing the 4-5,” he said. “ITS OVER.”