Bisa Kdei Didn’t Produce ‘Mansa’, I Did ! – Kaywa

Sound engineer, David Kojo Kyei popularly known as Kaywa has reiterated that he is responsible for the entire production of Bisa Kdei’s hit song ‘Mansa’.

Kaywa and Bisa have been in contention over the former’s claim that he did the production of the song as the artiste believes the sound engineer is discrediting him for a piece both produced.

Kaywa at the time admitted that Bisa brought him a data but he [Kaywa] removed all the productions except the guitar because it was good, adding that he then produced everything from scratch.

While addressing the issue again on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review last Saturday, Kaywa said the production speaks for itself. According to him, none of Bisa Kdei’s productions sounds like how ‘Mansa’ does.

“I don’t see why I should take responsibility for what I didn’t do. In any case, listen to the production. Have you ever heard Bisa Kdei’s productions like this before? This is intense production. At every corner, there is something played there,” he said.

Confronted with a question of whether his comment is to spite Bisa Kdei, Kaywa responded in the negative.

“Not at all!. Even before he came to me to produce for him, I appreciated his works. I have always loved and enjoyed his songs. All I’m saying is, every producer has what identifies him…” he said.

Kaywa concluded that the misunderstanding stems from the fact that some people do not know who a producer is and will always want to take credit because a product has become a hit. He added that the controversy has taught him a lesson to start every production from the scratch.

“People don’t know who a music producer is; that is why we complain… I wouldn’t have put my signature on the song if I didn’t produce it. The problem is that, when a song makes a hit, everybody wants to take credit…” he stated.




Source: Abrantepa

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