Bulldog Narrates What Led To The Breakup Between Shatta Wale

Fans of the duo (shatta wale and Bulldog) were very much amazed when they heard that shatta wale and Bulldog have parted ways.A year down the lane, shatta wale’s Ex manager has disclosed what led to the breakup in an interview with hitz fm.Bulldog in the interview explained that,his relationship with shatta deteriorated after Shatta evaded his privacy by accessing personal information on his laptop.

In the interview,bulldog claimed that shatta wale Viewed nude pictures of his wife and also showed them to his other friends.

“So we were in the States for a gig, my CEO picked me up from the airport and earlier on, I’ve given my luggage to one member of Shatta Wale’s team to be given to Shatta Wale himself for safekeeping. Yes, we had some disagreements here and there on the trip so I was going there to just sort things out.I went to the camp to sort things out with Shatta Wale and as we were chatting and laughing, Shatta Wale then told me that he saw this and that on my laptop i.e. my wife’s naked photos and other confidential stuffs, and I was like wow, true? Then Shatta replied me describing how the photos looked like and even told me that he had even showed it to the rest of the team members.”

Bulldog further explained that he respects values and morals and Shatta Wale even showing photos of his wife’s nakedness was a total turn of for me.

He said, ‘So for me, that was the turn of. I respect values and morals a lot. You saw my wife’s naked photos and even showing it to the team members, how? For me, it just doesn’t make sense, why would you do that, and for what? I don’t joke with my wife, I don’t joke with my family, they are my everything so basically from that moment, I wasn’t even interested in working with him anymore.”

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