Bishop Obinim Sued For Flogging Children, See Photo Of Writ

Bishop Daniel Obinim, Founder and General Overseer of the International God’s Way Church has been in the news in the past days for publicly flogging his amorous children.

Obinim’s act has received different reaction from the public with many talking against it.

Several people threatened to sue the man of God and true to the words three of such individuals, they have dragged him to face the law. The three have sued International God’s Way Church and Bishop Daniel Obinim.Obinim was reported to have said that any lawyer who sues him for flogging his children has no brains.

Obinim’s comment was after the decision by renowned human rights lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu to haul him before an Accra Human Rights Court Friday for violating the dignity of his (Obinim’s) adopted children and also dehumanizing and degrading them, an act which is in contravention of Article 15 (1) and 15 (2) respectively of the 1992 constitution.

The controversial pastor ignited public outrage after he was seen in a video flogging the pregnant girl and her boyfriend. Infuriated by the couple’s lustful actions which resulted in a pregnancy, Bishop Obinim beat the youngman on his bare back with his belt before turning to the girl flogging her mercilessly in the full glare of his congregation.

During the beating session, Obinim is heard questioning the jobless youngman why he got the girl pregnant when he has no finances for her upkeep and the upbringing of the unborn child. The girl who was unable to stand the flogging attempts to escape, but she was held by a right-hand man of the Bishop to enable the bishop to subject her to more beatings.

After that, Obinim instructed his junior pastors to remove their belts and subject the couple to more flogging.

Below is the court document






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