David Beckham Gets A New Tattoo And This Time Its A …..

David Beckham Gets A New Tattoo And This Time Its A Horse

With more than 40 inkings on his body, his love of tattoos is well known.David Beckham has revealed a new edition to his extraordinary collection – a brown horse on the right of his neck.The former footballer, 41, was on his way to dinner with his wife and children in Los Angeles when he flashed the new inking on Saturday night.

Protruding from his blue shirt and stopping short of his beard on the right side of his neck, was detailed brown horse. The significance of the horse is unclear, although it is said his wife Victoria is obsessed with riding the animals and the pair have been seen taking to horseback on holiday.The new work sits just below the ‘Buster’ tattoo he had in tribute to his eldest son Brooklyn, 17, because that is his nickname for him.

More recently he got the number ’99’ tattooed on his little finger to mark the year he got married to Victoria. Debuting it on Instagram, the retired footballer wrote, ’99 was a good year for me.’Weeks before that, he had the words Pretty Lady inked above his daughter’s name Harper on his neck, in honour of his Harper’s fourth birthday.

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