I am Disappointed In Tic Tac and Kontihene – Buddy Roro

Famed Ghanaian record Producer Buddy Roro in and interview, has opened up about how disappointed he is in some of the artiste he worked with back in the days.

Roro speaking on how artistes he worked with which included Tic Tac and Kontihene performed at the time said they had the thirst to deliver but everything has changed now. He says the artistes he knew back in the day are not the same artistes he is seeing now.

“They were very talented. They were hungry. You listen to Kontihene’s rap on the ‘Nyankonton’ album and compare it to now. I think he’s being lazy as an artiste,” he said on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz.

Buddy Roro

He went on by revealing how desperate D’banj was, to play a part in the production of  Tic Tac’s ‘Fefe Nefe’ album back in the day.

“I always fight with Tic Tac. He paved the way for the Ghana-Nigeria collaboration. When we worked on the ‘Fefe Nefe’ album, I remember D Banj was even begging to play mouth organ on some of the songs but we didn’t allow him. Tic Tac was rapping. Look at what he’s doing now,” he added.

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