“I don’t want to believe My Father Is Dead Until I see Him lying Down” – Gasmilla

Gasmilla in an interview with Mzgee On Hitzfm has disclosed that, he still finds it difficult to believe that his Dad has passed away.In the interview, he explained the circumstances by which his father passed away.His father is believed to be buried this weekend . Saturday, August 27

“I don’t want to believe it until I see him lying down or when we put him in the ground. I still talk about him and live by his principles and morals so I don’t think that it will get any easier but we have to move on and believe that all the good things he wished that we could do, we will achieve it and make him proud wherever he is.

He was never ill. My dad was the strongest man I had ever met. He doesn’t do hospitals, he likes our traditional herbal medicines so this came as a surprise to all of us.

For him to call me and say he is not feeling well so we should go to the hospital was shocking. I had to go to the bank for money and by the time I returned, they gave me his keys and everything and told me he brought it all by himself before dying.

The wake-keeping will be done on 26, the 27th is for the funeral and 28 is for the thanksgiving service”

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