Alexis Sanchez sets up new Instagram page for his dogs!

The Arsenal superstar has often shown his love for his canine friends on his own account.He even posted a video – set to Phil Collins’ ‘Another Day in Paradise’ – of the furry pair enjoying a stroll at sunset last year.

But the doggy double act now have a page all to themselves and it’s already attracted more than 17,000 followers in three days.The Chilean hero has so far posted five pictures and a video of his favourite duo.

And he’s also uploaded a snap of his boots – which have their names stitched into the outside.

Alexis hangs out his tongue in the manner of his golden retriever during a flight


The Arsenal forward is often sharing pictures of the time he spends with his dogs

The Instagram page for Atom and Humber attracted almost 13,000 followers within 24 hours

As is evident from the images, Sanchez’s dogs are more than just pets – they watch TV, use the computer, and are a big part of the former Barcelona man’s everyday life.

Some cold-hearted people out there might say he’s taken things a little too far…but we say they’re jealous.

Just ask yourself, if you knew love like Sanchez and his dogs have for each other, would you really need anything else?




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