Becca Finally Admit She Has Kissed Bisa Kdei

Popular songstress, Becca has denied kissing fellow musician Bisa Kdei on the lips in a circulating video on social media and some news platforms.

The video shows the two hugging closely in a dark environment, but the songstress has denied kissing the reigning highlife Artiste of the year on the lips, as being suspected in the video, where the two were closely seen together.

The ‘African Woman’ hitmaker speaking to DJ Reuben on Drive Time on Luv FM advised people who doubt her to brighten the video for the truth.

“I keep asking people that did they see me kissing him in the video, I have never kissed him in my life. I hadn’t seen Bisa in my life, I hadn’t seen Bisa for eight months and actually that they everybody else if you look in that video was around,” she explained.

It is being rumored the two are in a love affair, with social media flooded with photographs of the two together at public events, with some publications claiming the two are secretly married.

The two have denied being lovers with Becca insisting “Bisa is my brother; I mean a brother and everyone around us know that…I love him as a brother and he also loves me as a sister.”

But Becca stirred another controversy when she confessed kissing the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker on the cheeks.

We were actually shooting a video…you will see I saw him and kissed him on the cheeks,” she confessed.

Meanwhile, Becca is asking journalists to do further checks on the controversial video to ascertain the truth.

“If I was any journalist I will go and take it and lighten it up, brighten the picture to see but nobody seems to be doing that, then I realized that nobody seems to be interested. I actually told the people why you don’t brighten the video to see”, she said.

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