“He Has The Body Of A Champion But His Male Parts Don’t Match”- Usain Bolt’s Rio Student Lover Says

Until I make this discovery myself, I will still hold on to my doubting Thomas sense. I have always thought that people with the “basketball” height have something appreciable down there but from the very own lips of someone who has seen and tasted , I might be heading for a different stance.

Jady Duarte, the girl who shared snaps of Usain Bolt cuddling and kissing her in bed while in Rio during his birthday celebrations has now revealed that the Olympic champion wooed her after flashing his toned muscles and six packs but that ‘down there’ he’s not really as endowed as everyone thinks.

It looks like the sprinter is not endowed down there after all. Speaking to Mail online, Jady said he doesn’t speak Portuguese, so he had to use google translate to communicate with her and whisked her into his hotel room in the games village using a team bus.

She added that they made love in a small single bed, while listening to Rihanna’s ‘Work work’ and the s*x reportedly lasted over two one-hour sessions.

She claims Bolt then gave her a 100 Euro bank note to get a taxi, and promised to call her to arrange another date during the Paralympics.

“I really thought we had something going, But now I can see that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals. I knew who he was from TV. My mother has been screaming during all his races because she’s such a huge fan”… Well it is good you thought because that is often what we are served with for thinking.




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