Yvonne Nelson Says She Is tired Of Those Who Talk Ill about Her

It comes to a point in the country where everyone’s attention is geared towards one celebrity.

One person in the entertainment industry who has been enjoying a lot of buzz from the media and citizens is actress Yvonne Nelson.

If her words are anything to be taken serious, then she has had enough of Ghanaians always expressing ideas about her.

She has told Hitz FM’s MzGee that it is time Ghanaians turn their attention to other public figures in the country because everything cannot be about her always.
She said people track her a lot trying to figure out everything she is doing.
“People are still concerned about who I’m hanging out with, what I’m wearing, where I’m sleeping, what I’m posting on Instagram, I don’t understand.
Charley, we are many so can they also talk about other people? I’m just tired” Yvonne told MzGee.She admitted that Ghanaians talking about her helped boost her career.

“I enjoyed it. I think it’s helped me whether negative or positive because its all part of the job. I love it. Sometimes I wake up and I don’t see anything about me and I’m like “I’m I safe? Is everything OK?”

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