All Actors Drink Except Me – Agya koo

Some days ago, comic kumawood superstar, liwin made it known that his Senior Brother Agya Koo is the King Of Movies In Ghana and that no one can be compared to him.

In an interview on adom entertainment hall, Agya Koo acknowledged the respect given to him by his fellow kumawood actor Liwin. Agya Koo disclosed that,he agrees with what Liwin said and its true.

“I know I’m very good in acting and I can say that I am the king when it comes to acting because I was born with it, so what Lil Wayne said is the truth”, Agya disclosed.

He continued by hitting out at his critics for criticizing him for saying the truth. Agya Koo was also of view that it is time they gave respect to each other and also recommended that actors should desist from the ‘pull him down’ attitude.

“Most of the people hate me for speaking the truth when I try to shape things in the industry. They make a lot of propaganda about me saying I charge too much. Others say producers have to give me alcoholic drinks before I go on set, which are all false. I can say I am the only actor who doesn’t drink”, he revealed.

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