I Am Not Dating Berla Mundi – E.L

Exactly what I thought when I read it— yeah right (rolling my eyes). EL wants all those who have been hoping himself and Berla Mundi would have any romance of a sort to take a piss because it is not going to happen in this life.

In a new interview with Graphic Showbiz, the rapper born Elom Adablah refers to Mundi as “just good friends.” what we do not know is who friend zoned who?.

EL who claims he joined the single club two years ago and though he is searching hard for the right woman who would be behind his success, he does not see himself with the media personality Berla.

“Berla is beautiful and people think we are dating, but we are just good friends.” He told the publication when asked about the kind of relationship they have.

Apparently Berla’s definition of a dream man would fit EL likewise the latter’s definition of the ideal lady,fitting perfectly on Berla, however the two still say there are not dating.

He adds that fame has made choosing the right partner difficult for him, hence he wants to avoid making a mistake by rushing to give his heart to a lady who might disappoint him later.

Livefmghana.com is informed his album BAR (Best African Rapper) 3 will be released in the coming days. The project features M.I, Worlasi, Khuli Chana and a number of other artistes.




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