“De Gea looks like my grandad” – Herrera

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera has a very close relationship with David de Gea; the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. Herrera recognizes De Gea’s skills on the pitch and great values as a person, but he doesn’t care for the “horrible music” played by his “grandad.”

During a video by Unscripted, Herrera says: “I couldn’t share a room with David because he’s always singing. He’s always playing horrible music.”

“He likes to play very, very old music from Spain. Sometimes I tell him that he looks like my grandad. That’s why I try to be as far away as possible when he’s playing music. I have to say honestly that we are very good friends but I cannot share a room with him, 100 percent.”

Yes, indeed. Pretty funny. Now with the summer transfer window done and dusted, and overanalyzed to the core, we’re now into the dregs, news wise, of the international break. Hence items like these become the most interesting stories out there. Enjoy!

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