Director Of Delays Cocoa Brown Series Quits – Here Is Why .

Kofi Asamoah of Kofas media has called it quits—just at episode 6 of Season One.

And we are told a script-writer together with the producer-Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) are currently on set directing the remaining episodes of Season One themselves.

Cocoa Brown gathered a massive pre-premiere buzz but the first episode was an “art of disaster”.

Reviewing the first episode, Film Critic-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri described it as “a poor opening with overt execrable acting and unpardonable production flaws.”

He stated among other things that:

“Beyond the individual excruciating acting, the production quality is perfectly synonymous to Kumawood—-for the twenty or so minutes, you are served with a teeter sound, lurching up and low. A case in reference can be vividly picked up at point 14:57 where the pitch of the dialogue instantly increases from a comfortable low to a level such that you would be compelled to lower the volume of your device to create your own sane balance.

The lack of consistency or balance in the sound also serves as a bulwark to the salient role of the ambience sound, sometimes making it seem it has totally disappeared—-this could also be an issue with mixing. Whatever it is, it makes it difficult to enjoy the episode.

Then there’s the indiscriminate aerial shots which patently have no bearings on the pre and post scenes anytime they are used, except to probably remind us that a drone was on set and it’s woefully being abused. This seems to be a problem with director-Kofi Asamoah’s expression of art, he continues to misemploy aerial shots, a repeat of what he did in Amakye and Dede.”

Talking about Kofas’ reasons for quitting the job, an  insider told Zionfelix he stopped based on personal and professional reasons.

When asked about Kofi Asamoah’s current relationship with the producer, Delay, the source disclosed that they are very good friends adding that he did not stop directing the series based on any disagreement.



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