We Will Welcome Promzy Back If He Changes His Mind

Members of multiple award-winning hip-life group, VVIP, say they hold no grudges against former colleague Promzy, and would welcome his return if he so wishes.

Back in 2013, Promzy, real name Emmanuel Ababio, left the group of three to pursue a solo career, one which has now been revealed to have always been harbored by him.

Addressing Promzy’s departure from the group on GH Today, Prodigal revealed that though many fans of the then VIP were shocked, he and Zeal who had formed the trident were not because it was always in the offing.

“He came up and said he wanted to go solo. It’s something he had always wanted to do for long time which we tried in many ways to stop him. It got to a time things went out of hand and he wanted to go solo. As grown men, we had to understand him.”

“Promzy’s departure wasn’t a big surprise to us. Our fans were disappointed but now, they’ve gotten used to it because it is music. The more you give them good music, they forget about what happened in the past,” he added.

The aftermath of his exit saw the inclusion of hip-life legend Reggie Rockstone as a member with the group’s name also metamorphosing into ‘VVIP’, a decision which drew all manner of controversies and backlash from Promzy and fans of VIP.

However, Prodigal, in the interview on GHOne TV has stated that Promzy would be received with open arms whenever he makes an approach to return to the fold.

“Promzy is always welcome to the group. If he calls today that he wants to come back, he’s always welcome back to the group because we started the whole movement with him.”

“We hustled together, walking from studio to studio together,” Prodigal stated.

The group which began in the 90’s has had its fair share of splits but has always remained strong churning hits after hits. It originally started with five Nima-based friends – Bone, Friction, Lazzy (now Zeal), Promzy and Prodigal.

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