Lucky Mensah Has An Advice For Celebrities Who Plan To Endorse The NDC

Highlife artiste, Lucky Mensah has predicted a bleak future for persons in the creative arts industry who are working for the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He says the NDC is a dream killer party and therefore warned his colleagues to stay off it in the interest of their professions.

He told Kwame Adinkra on Abusua Nkomo hosted by Kwame Adinkra that it is more dangerous working for the NDC because the party itself it’s a recipe for the destruction of one’s career.

“Let me warn my colleagues in the showbiz industry. It is very dangerous to work for the NDC, they destroy careers. A lot of my colleagues who have done artistic works for the NDC are today regretting. Their careers have either died or dying slowly…so they should be careful, Kwame, look at those that worked for the NPP, even though the party is still in opposition, they are living good and their career is growing significantly because Ghanaians…majority of Ghanaians are patronizing their art works. This should tell you that majority of Ghanaians are not happy with the NDC”, he said.

Lucky Mensah who has divorced his relationship with the NDC, said he is supporting the NPP out of his own volition and has not been induced as many are alleging.

“I have not been paid and I have never met Nana Addo……if later he decides to call me to help in his campaign I am fine”, he said.

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