Becca Apologizes For Wearing A Revealing Dress To The 2016 Glitz Fashion Awards

From all the Becca photos we’ve seen from the 2016 Glitz Fashion Awards, she looked so uncomfortable that we had to even ask in article–what could have been wrong with her.

Now, what you probably did not know is that she was not only uncomfortable as captured, she was somewhat feeling her worst in that white revealing gown.

And she even apologized to Hon. Dzifa Abla Gomashie-Ahiaglo, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts for wearing such a rauncy dress.

So Becca got up stage to present an award on the night and knowing how much of a revealing risk she had taken, she said she knows her mother (Hon. Dzifa Abla Gomashie-Ahiaglo) wouldn’t be pleased with what she was wearing–but it’s her first time wearing something so revealing like this and it was the fault of her stylist.

She claimed she only got to know the dress was like this last minute when she couldn’t do anything about it–and then apologized.

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Becca and Fred Nuamah






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