Artistes Like Me Risk Heart Attack – Okyeame Kwame

Every Job come with its own hazard, and being a Musician or an Artiste is nothing different, ask the up and coming ones.  The next time you hear an artiste saying, “this job is going to kill  me,” it may not just be a figure of speech.

Okyeame Kwame in an interview with 3news revealed that, artistes of his caliber risk heart attack due to the kind of stress involved in making their work known. The rap Dacta said, the workload of artistes with a small management team like his means, the artiste sometimes have to spend the night in a studio.

“Because of the nature of the show business in Ghana, an artiste who has a small team like I do and wants to make an impact will have to go to the studio and stay there all night, wake up at the time when corporate people are going to work to send his proposals.

“He works as a corporate person in the afternoon. At night when corporate people are resting, he is in the studio creating, and that is the recipe for heart attack”.

Bra Kwame further advised  his fellow musicians to make time to rest, adding that artistes should stay off alcohol amd most importantly, hitting the gym regularly.

“Let’s take some time off to rest, get professionals to handle things for us and let’s get help in connection with getting a doctor, stay off alcohol and most importantly hit the gym”.

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