“I’m not an attention seeker like I would have replied Shatta Wale” – Criss Waddle

Well the AMG CEO in an interview with Hitz FM has disclosed that all that has happened is not any attention seeking gimmick or something that was planned. According to Criss Waddle, he had no foreknowledge about Mary’s suicide case among others.

When asked by Dr. Pounds whether he and Mary didn’t plan their cleared and discharged turned suicide case, he said, “

“Pounds, trust me, I knew nothing about whatever happened, it’s not like I’m about to release a new song or even a video, what we are working on now is Medikal’s project, I knew nothing about Mary’s suicide attempt, trust me”.
He continued, “I’m not an attention seeker like I would have replied Shatta Wale when he said all those stuffs about me. Which publicity would Mary’s suicide attempt ‘kraa’ give me, I’m innocent.” Criss Waddle letting the world know he was unaware of Mary’s suicide attempt.

Talking about her alleged suicide attempt, he said, “I think she framed all those things up just for attention. The blood doesn’t even look real and her posture on the floor even pointed to the fact that ‘allo s))r’ was going on. I’m done with her. I won’t wanna see her again, that’s it. Like I already told everyone, I’m not interested in dating her and I won’t date her for anything, no.”

The Ayi hitmaker so disclosed that he has learnt his lessons and never again would he deal with irresponsible ladies.

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